Looking Ahead

Ko te pae tata, whakamaua kia tīnā,
Ko te pae tawhiti, whaia kia tata.

What is Kaiaua Coast 2120 about?

A jointly developed and community-led plan – Kaiaua Coast 2120.

  • Working together with our communities, councils and iwi to look at a range of issues over the next 100 years.
  • Using technical expertise to help us understand the issues.
  • Planning how we will respond to natural hazard risks in the future, because recognising what we know about these risks may change 10, 20 and 100 years down the track.
  • Looking at opportunities for the growth and development of our communities on the Kaiaua Coast.
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What have we done so far?

  • The setting up work is done therefore we need you!
  • It was agreed that our council, the regional council and Iwi, will work together on a joint Working Party to oversee the project.
  • A group of Waikato Regional Council, Waikato District Council, and Hauraki District Council staff to work on the project.
  • There are consultants with expertise in adaptive planning to help us.
  • We’ve drafted the project plan and timeline.
  • We’ve updated work on hazards for the area.
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What’s coming up next?


  1. Feb – you form a community panel
  2. 18 Feb, 20 May, 19 August, 17 November Joint Working Party meets
  3. March – the community panel meets for the first time, then monthly throughout 2020
  4. The community shares its views to – catch ups to be scheduled


  1. Draft Community Plan

Something to think about?

  1. Be involved!
  2. Sign up to our E-newsletter to stay informed
  3. Attend community workshops and open days

We Need To Talk - Kaiaua Coast 2120